Friday, April 29, 2011

A Theoretical Note On Fuel Air Bombs

On a purely theoretical basis, I understand that taking an agricultural, high-pressure, large-volume-output spraying apparatus, filling the "pesticide" tanks with light fuel oil, using "liquid-petroleum-gas" rather than air as a carrier, spraying such into the largest room of a large building and then suddenly igniting that cloud (eg With a flare-or-rocket from the type of projector often found in ships' life-boats) will result in the destruction of that large building.

Now, what made me think of this?

Perhaps, it was the usual floor plans of certain buildings used by a well-known,international and 1400-year-old criminal-terrorist movement-or-ideology
(eg As planned for downtown New York City and Copenhagen, Denmark).


Anonymous said...

Allah will judge you soon

James Pawlak said...

TO ANONYMOUS: Please come and play with me. I have a new handgun and large knife I wish to use in a manner not allowed to me since "Nam".
(Oh yes; I am still "current".)
Mohammed was a murderer, liar and treaty breaker, bandit, and the perverted sexual abuser of a
nine-year-young girl child---And probably goats.

Anonymous said...

Typical correction worker -- asking others to "come play with me"

James Pawlak said...

Hello Anonymous (Again?):

I still hope you will come and "play with me". My new pistol is not combat tested and my newest knife is still unblooded. I still consider myself "current" in their use.