Monday, April 18, 2011

Creating A Personal "Legend"

In the world of espionage there is the concept of a “legend” a created personal history based on: Real facts; Modified facts; And, most importantly, invented facts by such means as faked documents and inserting them in both public and private record bases. Where that cannot be done, it is not unheard of to eliminate or block-block access to them.

For example, if I had the money and political power I might be able to create a new identity for myself by such means as: Inserting birth certificates in county, state and hospital records; Inserting birth announcements in newspapers' “morgues”; Blocking access to such by use of the laws regarding them; Blocking access to claimed school records by misapplying the laws allowing such confidentiality as forbid schools from even acknowledging that a person attended or did-not attend a school; And, like techniques.

Does this bring anyone to mind?


Anonymous said...

You're a fucking moron, James.

Is it any wonder your blog attracts almost no positive comments?

James Pawlak said...

I write to keep my 72-year old mind active and not subject to premature senile dementia as you so exactly illustrate.

Oh, for your information I have been contacted by email by those who do not want their approval of my offerings known to others.

If you are still trainable, I suggest that you take a vocabulary improvement course.

Anonymous said...

Allah will judge you soon.