Thursday, April 28, 2011

Forensic Examinaiton Of Documents

To be honest,and as a non-birther, I am appalled by the lack of scientific knowledge as to the (Forensic) examinations of such documents as birth certificates AND the reliance on other-than-scientific evidence by news reporters, commentators and other "folks".

A real examination and proof of validity-or-forgery would require at-the-least:
1. A chemical examination (Requiring only very, very, small samples) of the questioned document and, if applicable, eleven or so before-and-after it in any bound-collection; And,
2. Comparison of the handwriting on that document to the hand-writing of the same persons on similar and other documents from various sources.
3. Careful examination of the type-cases and impressions on relative documents.

As to newspaper "birth announcements" it would be necessary to do the same for hard-copes of old news papers presented as "real". (I do wonder if those which date back more than 20-years are kept in any style other than easily changed electronic records.)

Of course, any records of a VIP (With access to highly skilled persons and the power to buy or otherwise obtain the needed procedures) could be altered by "creating a legend".

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Allah will judge you soon