Saturday, February 26, 2011

Olive Branches & Limits Of Compromise

On Feb. 26, 2011 the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel offered the editorial "Offer an oliver branch" as advise to Wisconsin's Republicans. This editorial suggests that Wisconsin Republicans compromise with the Legislature's Democrat Senators. As the Editors pointed out, this would NOT be a reflection of what Democrats did, two years' ago, when the People reelected that Party to control of our State's government and a tax increase bill was inflicted, without debate, on Wisconsin by Democrats.

Keep in mind: Compromise with a child's (Or the wearers of jail-house-orange shirted mobs') tantrums only encourages more of the same; Compromise with law breakers (eg Street criminals, unlawfully absent teachers and State Senators) does the same; Compromise with pirates (As in Somalia), dictators (eg Hitler) and other evil men only encourages them to expand their evil.

This is based on both the evidence of scientific psychology and the examples of history. (To paraphrase: Those who do not study, learn from and act upon the lessons of history will be condemned to repeat it.)

In other words, there is a boundry between "compromise as the "life-blood of politics" and illicit, asinie and crime-producing compromise. The noted editorial encouraged the latter.

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