Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pathological Pacifists Worshiping Death

In recent months I have had many contacts with a couple who I can only describe as “pathological pacifists”. These individuals BELIEVE that it is against the teachings of Jesus the Christ to offer any resistance to evil doers, even murderers, rapists, child-molester, arsonists, the Jihad-waging followers of the false prophet Mohammed and others of that ilk. They BELIEVE that no Christian should ever, never, use deadly force to resist those monsters.

I could not get them to directly address the Christ's acts and words of violence. Most specially I could not get them to directly address Jesus' absolute command to his disciples to arm themselves with swords (The AK-47s and AR-16s of that time) as noted in Luke 22:36-38; Two swords being enough to protect the disciples on the bandit infested roads of that day, yet not enough to give the impression of any attempt to set up a worldly kingdom.

Those pathological pacifists, in fact, worship death and, doing so, are no better than the Thugee of India, the blood cultists of the Aztecs Hitler's SS and, most specially, those who follow the teachings of the Koran.

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