Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Will The National Guard Teach My Children

"Will The National Guard Teach My Children" was a sign carried, I assume by a teacher, among the other noisy and noisome mob in and about Wisconsin's Capitol Building.

In fact, that is a most excellent idea---If we would expand it to retired military and those who have completed their rehabilitation for war-wounds. These men and women, many of whom have university degrees or their equivalents or such experience in what are known as "the trades" as would allow them to teach the academic-of-vocational classes assigned to them.

Much more importantly, they could-and-would teach the true value of duty as a balance to and prerequisite to both priviledges (As union bargining, driving an auto) or true rights (eg Voting, keeping and bearing arms, free speech and free practice of religion).

It might be very good for that more-than-zaftig teacher to be replaces by a lean ex-trooper (Perhaps without legs as replaced by steel devices) who is very interested in the real future of American by teaching duty-and-responsibility, in addition to academic/vocational class materials. This is the real meaning of being an American. Certainly, our future voters should learn those subjects and the "price of freedom".


James Bremner said...

I love the idea, sir knight! It would be interesting to see hiring priority given to vets in all government jobs, starting with the teaching profession. Then wouldn't America really turn around, for the better?

Book Solutions for Liberty said...

Definitely, I thought this when the strikes were first showing their head -- do also what Reagan did for the Air Traffic Control - and send in the military. There are enough retired, reservists, and deployable(!) troops who could teach very satisfactorily in the public schools.

Void the Department of Education. That wasn't helpful.

What I noticed today was the preponderance of purple flags and the Mexican flag, and orange shirts and red shirts -- and the only American flag was in distress (with gold, I may add).

Military TEACHERS would be a perfect response, and the children would learn something about SERVICE, at least -- which would serve THEM much better than the crap that 40+ years of progressive education have provided the west.

Send in the Marines -- and everyone else in the military who can and wants to help out.

Teaching may need term-limits, like political appointments.

thanks for Crusading, Knight!