Monday, January 04, 2010

Who Is Responcible For Terrorism---Game 3

(This letter is reply to Mr. David's Warren in the Ottawa Citizen of Jan. 1, 2010)

Dear Mr. Warren:

Who is the leading exporter of terrorism in today's world? In Afghanistan and other parts of Asia, Pakistan appears to be the leader if "boots on the ground" are considered in those areas. Pakistan also provides a major base for terrorist training camps Iran appears to be, as you wrote, a "major player"; But, may be limited by limits set by its own internal problems and commitment to a non-Arabic language. Among its far-flung children, the Sudan recruits and provides terrorists in Denmark, the "Twin Cities" of the USA and other places.

Iran does continue to be a major problem as too many "Mad Mullahs" worship death (In the causes of Islam) as opposed to those (Other than abortion supporters) in the West who tend to worship life.

Yet, Saudi Arabia provides the largest portion of pro-Islam and anti-other propaganda. Its royal and other subjects carefully and through untraceable means (Ofter "Islamic Charities") provide huge sums of cash to many terrorist groups in the Middle East and other places.

The real source of such terrorism is in the Koran as an unalterable teacher of the principles that Muslims are encouraged and allowed, and sometimes commanded, to use murder, genocide, rape-and-enslavement, perpetual war with "unbelievers" and other, horrid, teachings, all to further the causes of Islam (And the power and sexual lusts of adult, male, Muslims).

Today, betrayal is bought not with 30 pieces of silver, but with larger numbers of barrels of oil. If Dante would have known of these traitors, he would (No doubt) have put them in the lowest and most frozen Circle-Of-Hell.

Your most loyal reader,
James Pawlak

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Bonum, Verum, Pulchrum said...

One source of Terrorism that is often over looked is that of education. Saudi and Emirate sheiks send in millions of petro dollars every year to Afghanistan and rural Pakistan to establish Medrassas, where no student learns Maths or how to read or write. Quite the contrary they are taught the Koran by rote. Greg Mortensen in his book, Three Cups of Tea, documents this closely. It is a worthy read and may convince you of the need to properly educate these rural moslems as a means to combatting terror.