Friday, January 01, 2010

Drop In Homicides? Why? Really!

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has reported (Jan. 1, 2010; Page-1A) on Milwaukee's drop in homicides as appears to reflect a nation-wide trend without regard to that city's: Essential non-use of surveillance cameras; The actions of its Police Chief and Mayor; And, the delusional and unconstitutional premise that there are "illegal guns" (Other than fully automatic machine guns and short-barreled rifles and shot-guns).

As to firearms, it should have been noted that this trend towards lower levels of homicides occurred alongside of a citizens' rush to buy handguns and stock up on ammunition since the last presidential election. A knowledgeable (And honest) report would have listed that fact---Along with a breakdown of unlawful misuse of guns by the gender, age-and-race of such shooters and their victims.

Of course, the fact is that we keep in prisons a very large proportion of our citizens (And illegal immigrants) who kill others or inflict other violence on us---As also should be broken down as above.

It may be that the portion of young, male, Blacks/Latinos in the general population (ie Not in prison or jails) may be a factor in this matter. Since male Muslims represent a very small proportion of our population, but are more-and-more evident in ideology-driven killings, some note of the impact of that characteristic should be tracked and reported.

It may be that the real base for such reductions is the increased skill in treating "deep penetrating wounds" as so clearly demonstrated by the staffs of the nation's hospital emergency units. A real measure of "homicides" should, therefore, include attempted homicides.

An honest evaluation of this trend would also evaluate the States and Counties who have the most open AND immediate access to firearms (ie By liberal CCW laws) VS those who are most restrictive in that matter as to this reduction in homicides.

What is most needed is science-based, honest and "politically incorrect" reporting and NOT "sucking up" to elected and appointed officials OR to editors in the "lame street media" who have an irrational fear of an armed, democratic, citizenry.

Post: Science 101 For Journalists

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