Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ideas On Mobius Strip Research

The Moebius Strip, so beloved of those mathematicians called "topologists", has some curious applications in the field of electronics being used to produce a superior resistor not subject to high-frequency interference (1). This causes me to wonder what other applications might be had for that most particular form (A strip with only one side and one edge).

Chemists have even converted molecules into this curious form (2), which makes me wonder what the effect on such manipulating would be as to drugs, fuels, explosives, etc.

What would be the effects of a plastic-explosive in that shape? This should be tested with one strip detonated by various means and at various points. The same should be tested for various combinations of such strips AND both as a primary explosive and as an initiator.

Moebius strips, in various metals and combinations, should be tested under various conditions of electric and electronic excitement at various temperatures down to that of liquid Nitrogen.

I will leave it to your imagination as to other possible ways of looking into the properties of this unique shape.

Of course, as a reader of science-fiction, I note the following possibilities:
1. The tested strip could explode at nuclear or anti-matter levels;
2. Such could merely wink out of existence (In this universe);
3. It could create a "black hole" which would 'eat up" our world;
4. It could open a portal into a star with the expected effect on our world;
5. Other negative effects left to your imagination.

On the other hand, such testing might lead to:
1. A cheap and reliable source of electrical energy superior to any now in existence.
2. Practical "anti-gravity" and quick inter-stellar travel;
3. A method of dumping our toxic wastes "somewhere else"; And,
4. Other positive benefits not listed here.

Anyone knowing of pending research as to the Moebius Strip is asked to contact me. THANKS!

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