Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Terrorism Imported Into The USA--By Obama

Mr. B. H. Obama is still adamant about closing the very well designed prison at Guantanamo Bay Cuba and transfer its inmates to other nations (Where experience is that they are likely to return to active terrorism) OR transfer them to a prison, probably in Illinois.

I hope the People of Thompson, Illinois, the State of Illinois and of the USA will be pleased by the transfer of the "Gitmo" terrorists to the the prison located in that place---Especially when terrorists seize a local primary school and begin killing one pupil an hour until the other terrorists are safely released from that too convenient prison.

The People of that town may also be expected to learn to appreciate the sound of children being raped and tortured.


Anonymous said...

By prison-industry racists like you?

James Pawlak said...

Dear Anoymous:

I do wish you would be a little mor specific and fact-based. As a person of mixed race (Slavic and Tartar) with friends and house-guests of various races, I do wonder at your claims. I have no financial interests in the alleged "prison industry", a claim I make after reexamining the stocks held by my mutual fund.

In other words "What have you been injecting into your arms lately?".

Bonum, Verum, Pulchrum said...

Anonymous has sh*t between his ears, I suspect>