Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Three Strikes & Out For Obama's Health Plans

There are three issues which can and should kill any Administration supported health care plan(s).

1. Any plan which does NOT provide verification of US citizenship (Or, legal residency here)
before granting health-care benefits AND severe punishments and instant deportation for illegal aliens who attempt to get any tax-based health care will NOT meet the approval of the voters (And of legal immigrants, many/most of whom have applied for citizenship as will allow them to vote in the very near future).

2. Any health care plan which approved funds for tax supported abortions will meet the most severe disapproval of most Catholics and Orthodox Christians, many other Christians and others who hold to high ethical standards. (Do NOT measure this reaction against the Pseudo-Christians found in many places, especially in the Congress!)

3. Any health care plan which is biased against the old-and-infirm (As to limiting or withholding health care) by means of bureaucratic rules (As in Oregon) or other means will be a political death sentence to any Member of the Congress who votes for it.


Anonymous said...

Ranking: U.S. 1st in health care spending, 37th in health

James Pawlak said...

To: Anonyous

Correct data by race and immigration status.