Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is B. H. Obama Really "Black"???

Is Mr. B. H. Obama really "Black"? I doubt that on a variety of grounds.

First, from the point-of-view of genetics he appears to be as sure of being 50% White as any person-of-color in the USA can be. Unless his White mother had a "touch of the tar-brush" somewhere in her background, her producing Mr. Obama with a real Black African make it so. Unless we wish to regress to the old, Southern, "one drop of Black blood makes you Black" rule, Mr. Obama could be considered White as much as Black. (By that old and fortunately defunct rule, I could be considered "Asian" as it appears that I have a few drops of Tartar blood.)

Mr. Obama's education was certainly very different from most American Blacks. His early years were, in part, marked-or-marred by enrollment in an Indonesian school with a very Islamic theme. He then went to one of Hawaii's most elite private high schools. Thereafter, he attended Occidental College and the Yale Law School. I do not know who paid for this elite education; But, it was certainly far distant from that of most (Even collage graduates) Blacks in the USA.

Mr. Obama and his publicists have certainly NOT made public any "sweat of his brow" work performed by him to "earn his way" through college or to support himself. Certainly Mr. Obama has no small business experience or being part of a larger and free-enterprise company or, even, in the truly private practice of the Law.

I have no doubts that Mr. Obama was the target of some "racism"; But HE moved in circles which protected him from much of such and where "racist" is the worst term which can be applied to others. (As I have been the target of "hate speach" I know of hurt.)

What, then, does Mr. B. H. Obama have in common with this nation's Blacks???

For myself, I do not care if Mr. B. H. Obama is Black or Pink or Saffron or Brown or "Green With Big Purple & Orange Stripes". What I do know is that I would NOT buy a used car from him or lend him money or support most of his "destruction for USA" policies.


Anonymous said...

Is B. H. Obama Really "Black"???

Why does this matter to you?

James Pawlak said...

To Anonymous: Did you read to the end? Did you think it through" Did you think?