Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Learn From ACLU & "The Adams Project"

The "Adams Project" of the ACLU has been showing photos of CIA operatives to terrorists at Guantanamo (And other places?). Rather that rant-and-rave about this we should learn from them and follow their example by posting on the internet the following data.

1. The (Public record available) names, photos, home addresses and auto license plate numbers of the leaders of the the ACLU and the noted project; And,
2. Advertisements for those companies which provide the following goods and services to the public: Auto alarms; Remote auto starting devices; Life insurance companies specializing in high-risk persons; Private security companies (Especially those who specialize in terrorism cases); And, other like companies.

After all, this is personal and commercial free speech as so loved by the ACLU.

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