Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"If" & Senator Obama

If you recall that no nation has given so much of its wealth and blood to help others, within and without its borders, as has the USA AND love your country because of that and for other reasons, you are a patriot and should not vote for Mr. Obama as he was a 20-year disciple of Pastor Wright who dammed our land to hell.

If you are proud of most of what the USA has done over the many years, you should not vote for Sen. Obama as his disciple, his wife, was only proud of that nation after her husband's successes in primaries and undemocratic caucuses.

If you believe that the State of Israel is the strongest ally the USA has in the Middle East and is the only real democracy in that part of the world, do not vote for Mr. Barrak Husein Obama as his church of 20-years membership has honored Minister Farrakhan of the Black Muslims who has so poisonously expressed his hatred of Israel and all Jews.(Senator Obama has also said, in effect, that if the "winds blow badly", he will side with Islam---And, at that time, said nothing about the USA.)

If you are a Jew, why (For the reasons above) would you vote for Senator Obama or, for that matter, for any member of the Democrat Party which nominated him?

If you believe that military service for our nation is honorable, do not vote for Sen. Obama as his invitation to youth to public service most pointedly ignored service in the Armed Forces. (My active duty was with the US Navy, 1956-1959, and I was issued an Honorable Discharge.)

If you, as I do, admit that not all heroes are in the military AND that there are cowards in all places. If you believe that Sen. Obama's refusal to debate Sen. McCain, in an unscripted and open way, not more than once and only on July 4th, is an act of cowardice, then do NOT vote for him as we certainly do not need a coward as President.

If you believe that Sen. Obama went back on his word to accept ONLY the funds allowed candidates under the applicable law and is a LIAR, do not vote for him as we have no need for such a person in our highest public office.

If you believe that a child born live after an attempted abortion deserves medical attention and care, do not vote for Senator Obama as he has a record of opposing a law which would require such care.

If you are among the millions who oppose any abortions, other than to save the live of a mother, you should not vote for Sen. Obama who supports abortion-upon-demand OR, for that matter, you should not vote for most members of his Party for the same reason.

If you are Black, you might wish to consider his lack of experience with real "Black life" in the USA and his support by a Party who has used, assumed and abused its Black voter support for many years. If you are Black and have ever lived in a "ghetto" or some "projects", you will understand how little that form of existence means to Sen. Obama in his Hyde Park residence with the double protection of the Chicago PD and the local university police department (The second largest in Illinois), and then wonder if he understands anything about "Black life" in the USA.

If you are White or Asian, do NOT vote against him because he is Black! Vote against him because he is the perfect example of a well spoken, slick, smooth and convincing---Used car salesman.

If you have done productive physical or mental labor, you might be doubtful about such as Senator Obama who appears to have only been a politician-in-training or politician or attorney. (My first job was at Age 13 in my school cafeteria, being hot and sweaty work; I earned my way through college as a Hospital Attendant.) I doubt me much if that Senator has ever done such labor or was ever a member of a labor union AND real workers should vote against him for his lack of productive labor.

If you are among those who believe that the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the USA gives each sane, adult and law-abiding citizen the right to keep and bear arms (Including all handguns and semi-automatic rifles and shotguns), you will not wish to vote for this candidate as his track record is very much opposed to that right.

If you are among those who have concluded that the First Amendment ONLY forbids an establishment of a (Federal) official and state Church and that all are eligible for the "free exercise" of their religion (Except as it directly would physically harm minors or violate the criminal law) in all places (Including court houses, public schools, etc.) and under the free speech guarantees of the same amendment, do not vote for any Democrat as they generally oppose such a view and rule.

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