Saturday, June 28, 2008

Needed: Full Teaching Of "Faithful Citizenship"

My parish bulletin recently contained a copy of the June, 2008 "Catholic Update" focused on "Faithful Citizenship" and as to those key themes regarding Catholic social teaching in the public square.

I was disappointed to note that the editors of that publication failed to address the Natural Law right of all to self-defense against criminal attacks (By individuals, gangs, Jihadi, and the probable duty to protect the innocent against such attacks---Along with the right to ready access to the means (Modern weapons) when the appointed law enforcers are unable or unwilling to provide such protection.

Even our nation's very secular Supreme Court has recently recognized that right, noting (I believe) a Pre-Constitution right, perhaps natural in nature, to self-defense and the weapons to enforce that right.

If I remember correctly, the 1913 edition of the "Encyclopedia Of The Catholic Church" (The precursor of the present "Catechism Of The Catholic Church") contained sections noting and approving of the use of force, even deadly force, in both resisting criminal attacks and even recovering property taken by criminals.

You should also note that the great "Doctor Of The Church", St. Bernard of Clairvaux, approved (In his "De Laude Militae Novae") of striking deadly blows "for Christ", by Crusaders (ie The "Good Guys").

I look forward to a future edition of Catholic Update as will address the right of self-defense, the duty to protect the innocent against criminal attacks and to the ready means to do both.

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