Saturday, March 31, 2007

Those Who Do Not Study History----Again

"Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it" (Attributed to George Santayana). Those generals who do not learn that the usual is to fight today's battles with the tactics weapons of yesterday--And, that does not result in victories form one group of such failed students as are the doctors who fail to understand that the antibiotics of yesterday do not work on the bacteria of today.

However, the bigger examples are in geo-political matters. Except when forced tot he wall Westerners fail to understand that compromises with evil men, or half-measures rather than destroying them, is a blue print for failure. This was true as to Neville Chamberlain's compromises with Adolf Hitler and the UN's (Useless Nations') failure to fully destroy the power of Saddam Hussein in the first Iraq War.

The failure of the West to learn from the 1400-year history of Islamic aggression and deceit is the classic example of being forced to repeat history by a failure to learn from it. Any rational person studying the history of Islam will easily come to the full understanding that the goal of Islam is to make all humanity submit to it AND that the approved-Islamic techniques to do so include murder, revenge, rape, genocide, terrorism, robbery, lying, deceit and, more recently, assuming the false role of "victim-hood".

The core of the Islamic danger is in the "true believers" (Please see Eric Hoffer's The True Believer) of the Saudi family/government (They are the same), a government which produces and distributes most of the hate literature in the world and allows its citizens to support international terrorism under the guise of "Islamic Charity".

Of course, for ediors to be able to integrate the above in their policies and editorials requires them to study honest history. To publish editorials based on that study requires courage. THE SAME HOLDS TRUE FOR THE POLICIES OF OUR GOVERNMENT AND ITS LEADERS.

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