Sunday, March 11, 2007

Apologies For US Black Slavery---NOT

There appears to be some mindless legislative lurching towards formal apologies for slavery in the USA. This plays into the dirty hands of such professional Blacks as Jessie (The extortionist) Jackson, Al (The Liar) Sharpton and Michael (The Threat) McGee, Jr., who would keep other Blacks in mental slavery by directing them backwards in time rather than to their critical present and doubtful future.

As an American of Polish decent and if I chose such a backwards mental slavery, I would be asking the governments and peoples of Germany, Austria and Russia apologies and reparations for their partitioning of Poland for too long a time. As a Christian I really should ask all Islamic nations, most specially Saudi Arabia, for apologies for the armed takeover of so much of once Catholic Europe, the Middle East and North Africa in the 300-years following Mohammed---And, for all of the atrocities enabled by the hate-filled teachings of the Koran since that time and to today.

If the Blacks of the USA seek for apologies, they should ask them of the above-noted professional Blacks (NOT Black professionals), "Gangstr Rap" producers and singers, gang-bangers found on every Inner-City street corner and "politically correct" professors---Who all contribute nothing positive to either Black culture, Black life or the place of Blacks in this democracy. They might ask apologies of those current government officials (I will NOT call them leaders) who refuse to seal our border with Mexico and thus add more drugs, crime, untreatable diseases and job-stealing to the too great burden of Black Americans.

In fact too many Blacks in the USA should apologize to the Non-Blacks here for their disproportional committing of crimes, use of limited social service, overcrowding of jails and prisons, waste of our limited school resources by anti-learning attitudes, demands for unearned places in colleges and like offenses against the common good of themselves and all others.

Yes, study history to help avoid repetition of prior errors; But, look to the present and future as the best way of improving our world and personal lives.

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