Friday, February 02, 2007

Tattoos & Smoke

About 55-years ago I visited my mother at her place-of-employment and noted a rough tattoo of numbers on the arm of one of her co-workers. I later found out that that lady was one of the too few survivors of Nazi death camps who lost all of her immediate and extended family in such places; THOSE LOST SOULS BECOMING SMOKE IN THE SKY—Out of the chimneys of crematoria.

She, as a few others, were rescued by the Allied Armed Forces of that earlier and superior generation who defeated Nazi, Imperial Japanese and foolish Italian forces and liberated a good part of the earth from the horrors and slavery imposed by the Axis nations.

For the last 1400-plus years Islam has imposed its own horrors and slavery on all non-Muslims (And, some Muslims who interpret Islam differently from others). The so-called “War” in Iraq and Afghanistan is only the most recent battle against those who use the ideology of Islam to enslave and terrify (In the fullest sense of that word) others.

Now that at least one Islamic nation (Pakistan; Which always teeters on the edge of an internal take over by those basic Muslims who favor Jihad over reason) has the A-Bomb and the Mullah driven government of Iran is on the verge of having such weapons (With the declared intent of destroying the State of Israel), we must consider what should be done to prevent our becoming SMOKE IN THE SKY—In mushroom clouds.

The days of waiting for a “Pearl Harbor” as moral cause for reaction as self-protection are over! It is necessary to consider and plan for a preventative military action to keep Iran from starting an atomic war. My suggestion is to send them, via ICBM some inert warheads to their uranium processing centers---With the message that the next warheads will be “live rounds”.

Other supporters of basic Islam, as is the Saudi government/family, can be then reminded that the cities of Mecca and Medina can become glass lined and radioactive craters.

Better that they should go up in smoke than us.


Anonymous said...

well said!!!

Anonymous said...

Its a shame your so brainwashed to believe that the Jews Were innocent victims of WWII. The Jews were the enemy and the cause of that war and almost every war before and after that war.

The Jews were embezzling the money out of Germany and austria, they were manipulating the media to convince the German people that their race and culture did not matter, that Jews and minorities had the right to live in and take from the German people.

Hitler was Justified in that war. The only bad thing that came out of WWII was that he was not able to finish the job and now Jews control America and most of Europe, They are doing the same thing over again.