Saturday, February 03, 2007

Jesus, Swords & Humanity

Jesus the Christ was a lover of humanity. That is clearly shown by His healing, casting out of demons (Real of psychological—Take your pick), feeding the multitudes, making glad the hearts of the wedding guests by turning water into fine wine and the other like acts of His public ministry on this earth.

Most of all, He offered Himself to a horrid and most painful death to be the
Salvation of humanity!

In doing so He forbade his followers from interfering, by use of a sword, from having others place Him under arrest. This special case of stopping the use of a sword was necessary for the promises of God to come into being.

However, Jesus also demonstrated His love of His followers by insisting
(Please see Luke 22: 35-38) that they arm themselves with swords (The
AK-47s or AR-15s of that time and place) before going out on the unpoliced and dangerous roads in that land.

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