Sunday, April 30, 2006

Against Those Who Attack Us

There are and have been those who would destroy the USA and, more importantly, what remains of Western Civilization. If you do not believe me, then study history and learn from it (So you are not condemned to repeat it).

Some centuries ago there was a group of persons known as “Cathari” who built a short term culture on the beliefs that the physical world was evil, sex was wrong, property should be taken from others for the common good (Defining that last term and making recruitment a lot easier). If they would have succeeded, then the growth of the human race stopped, the forces then developing towards technology and democracy killed and all the other benefits of our civilization prevented. Although their “philosophy” did have some good points, robbery and murder AND the potential of the destructions-of-civilization greatly outweighed any such positive positions.

In France they made great headway. But, when confronted with a local and defensive crusade, they hid themselves among others (Many who had benefited from the Cathari robberies) when besieged in the city of Beziers. The leader of the crusaders there was in a moral dilemma as he was unsure of the results of his to-be-successful assault on that town and his inability to recognize, by language/dress, those who were his and civilization's enemies. He asked an expert on morality and was told, “Tues-les tous. Dieu reconntdea les sein” (“Kill them all. God will know who belongs to Him”).

The lessons to be learned from this piece of history are:
1.That we in the West have gone past that kind of theology for decision making
(For better or worse as theology does present a good basis for morality and civilization in other areas);
2.The same and ancient use of deadly force is, every day and throughout the world, used by Muslims to justify terrorist bombings and such horrid acts as occurred on “9/11”; And,
3.That terrorists hiding among those who protect them are liable for destruction even if that means some “collateral damage” by reason of death and injury to
those who do not expel them from their homes and towns who may, as is the teaching of the Koran and Hadith (The sayings of Mohammed), be performing a “religious duty” in protecting such thugs.

I think that there is (On the part of anyone who understands both history and current affairs) that organized or disorganized Islam has been at war with us and attacking all other (And superior) cultures for 1400-years AND that most Muslims support those attacks (Remember the dancing on Arab streets on arrival of the news of “9/11”?) as such has been commanded by Allah. This presents us with a major conflict of forces (Like the totally materialistic forces of Communist China and Secular Europe VS. the rest of the world) for which the only solution may be the destruction one side or another.

Again looking to history, we find the “Roman Solution” (Rome then being a republic), using “Mecca” as the symbol of Islam, and we should declare, again-and-again, “Mecca delenda est” (“Mecca must be destroyed”).

To that we should add the Crusaders' (Who waited some hundreds of years before counter attacking the aggressive forces of Islam and, although they lost the Holy Land, freed most of Europe from the slavery which is Islam), cry of “Deus vult! (“God wills it!”).

If Communist China does not again follow the examples of past history and destroy itself as a nation, we may have to look at such principles and positions for it---And, the other Secular Humanists who infest and are attacking the real basis of civilization as did the Cathari.

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