Friday, April 14, 2006

Thought, Word & Deed As Prophesy

The three “kings” who came to Bethlehem and worshiped the new born Christ were likely out of Persia (Now a degenerate, Mohammedan, Iran) and heirs to a rich culture which produced the concept of an eternal war between good and evil and, perhaps, more importantly, the true ancestors of the real knighthood of nobly thinking, speaking and acting warriors.

In fact, the motto of those ancient Persian knights was: “The thought well thought; The word well spoken; The deed well done”.

Could it be that those ancients were, in their own way, prophets as to the coming of the Christ? Could it be that the Thought of God, as to our salvation, the Word spoken of by John and the actions of Jesus, as well done as any in the history of the World are the glorious reflections of that precept out of Persia?

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