Monday, April 03, 2006

Immigrants: Order, Law & Justice

The USA is, as are most basically civilized nations (Please see below) is built as a pyramid, that most stable of structures, of justice, law and order. Justice, being the highest of such values or forces is at the top and is the hardest to reach. Law provides the framework so justice may be sought and, if possible, that high goal achieved. Law is impossible to obtain except on the base and basis of an ordered society.

If we erode the underlying layers of order and law, then justice will collapse and slide into the chaos of injustice. Today's “liberals” are lazy! They wish to achieve a just society without working first to build the stable structure described above. They fail to realize that their “justice” for some is injustice for those who rely on all three building blocks of society. Their “justice”, by offering “open borders” and “amnesty” to illegal immigrants, is an unjust taking away of rights and privileges earned, through hard labor and patience, by legal immigrants and the children of such. It is a typical “something for nothing”, “free lunch”, delusion common to the unthinking, knee-jerk reaction, liberals. [You will find that the most emphatic of opponents to open borders and amnesty are those recent and most excellent immigrants who obtained visas and came here in an orderly manner and in obedience to our laws.]

If anyone wishes real justice for all in this nation, then let immigrants enter here in an orderly manner and in obedience to our democratically passed laws. The USA is a nation based on the contributions of LEGAL immigrants and their descendants.

(The USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, New Zealand and like nations have some chance of reaching that golden goal of justice as they still, with difficulty, maintain their basic structures of order and law. Saudi Arabia has order and law but no justice; A situation shared where the Islamic codes prevail. Such nations as the Sudan and Mexico have no basis in order or enforceable laws and have criminal gangs ruling in portions of their nations.. The present day Iraq is attempting to establish, at the least order and laws and may, if severe Islamic law is avoided, be able to reach for justice.)

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