Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Way To Earn US Citizenship

So many are complaining that immigrants do not have a “fair chance” at earning citizenship in the USA. Here is a way for some of them to do so and to serve the USA in the process: ESTABLISH A USA “FOREIGN LEGION” which would mirror the equivalent French organization which is an elite group which grants French citizenship after a term of five years of loyal service. The characteristics of our Foreign Legion would be these.

1.All recruits would have to pass such physical examinations as would allow intense
military training and service.
2.Minimal understanding of English would be required to the extent of obeying orders and communicating with officers and NCOs.
3.All officers would be US Citizens, paid at US Army rates and drawn from the Armed Forces of the USA.
4.All NCOs would, initially be our fellow citizens until Legionaries are experienced
and trained enough to warrant promotion—With no such being promoted to Sergent or above until at least four-years of service, proof of greater English ability and appropriate NCO training. The initial citizen NCOs would be drawn from the our own Armed Forces and draw their regular pay.
5.The highest rank, before a grant of citizenship is had, would be Warrant Officer.
6.The initial term of service would be seven years (As citizenship here is worth much more than that of France as it is located in Eurarabia).
7.The pay given to such soldiers would be one-half of the equivalent in the US Army, with a matching sum held (In interest bearing escrow accounts) until honorable completion of seven-years of service.
8.At the end of such years of honorable service the Legionnaire would be given that escrow pay and US citizenship AND allowed a choice of taking a full discharge (Which would also satisfy US citizens' military obligations) OR transferring to the
US Army at the same grade/rank OR reenlisting in that Legion at one range increase in pay with NO 50% withholding.
9.This Legion could be deployed at the will of the President of the USA with only a
post-deployment message to the Congress as to the “reasons why”; But, no armed deployment in the USA (Outside of established military bases) wound be allowed. Unarmed use, in the USA for fire-fighting and construction in US Parks and Forests would be allowed.
10.This Legion would have its own and more severe criminal code which would exempt its non-citizen members from the protections of the Constitution, appeals to our courts and limit appeals only to the President.
11.Persons who desert from that Legion or who commit serious violations of its criminal code would be imprisoned and then deported or shot.
12.After four years of loyal service, qualified members could be appointed to West Point or to Army or USMC or its own OCS for return for a minimum of five years of active duty in that Legion at rank and pay consistent with their promotion and with US citizenship.
13.Basic training would be no less intense than that of the French or Spanish equivalent forces and would emphasis the learning of English and the USA's laws, mores and customs.
14.All promotions would be tied to success in the areas noted in #13 above.
15.The uniform of this service would be of a different color than that of the other
United States forces.

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