Sunday, May 14, 2017

Recusal Of Judges

In Wisconsin and like democracy-based States judges are elected.

There are those who maintain that even its Supreme Court justices should "recuse" themselves if some prior contributor to their election campaign has some interest in a case before them.

What such proponents skillfully avoid is:
1. That position has been well known-to and apparently rejected by the People who cast their ballots for those justices;
2. Contributions are made to such campaigns not as an effort to buy/rent/lease justices, but because the citizens using money to express their "free speech rights" approve of the candidates' general philosophy on The Law or oppose their opponents' like stances;
3. Requiring some judges to so recuse themselves provides a default victory to their opponents; And,
4. Attempts to inflict such recusal is a Fascist effort to vacate the above-noted democratic acts of our fellow citizens.

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