Monday, May 01, 2017

"Man" Is Correct Usage

When real universities were developed (By White Christian males) the common language was Latin.
Those early academics very surely knew the difference between “Vir” (As relates to only males) and “Homo” (As designates all humans).

As English universities drifted away from Latin and English became their common tongue (And later the most common international language), the term “Man” became the accepted term used in place of “Homo”.

Only the ignorant or politically correct Fascists or their slaves would deny the above.

It has been reported that some university students have been punished for using “man” (Rather than “submitting” to the above-cited Fascists). Some such petty-tyrants have used the excuse of “style books” as written by other like critters or their subjugated, gonad-less, “Men”.

Although I am not a lawyer, I must wonder if such penalties are free-speech "Violations Of Civil Rights Under Color Of Law" as might allow penalized students to recover severe damages from schools and individual teachers.

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