Thursday, May 12, 2016

Real "Diversity" For Universities

If, and only if, our universities/Colleges are truly interested in "Diversity" they should go beyond such physical factors as race, true gender and "gender identification". Any encouragement of "Diversity" should be applied to the MIND to insure that students are exposed, even if they disagree with them, to such views as require them to think outside of their habitual thought-patterns.

To improve the horrid lack of intellectual "diversity" at our colleges/universities, I suggest that they actively seek-our, actively-recruit and preferentially-hire those who are-teaching or who-have-taught at (Pre-Obama) military academies, the USGC Academy and the many advanced schools within the Department Of Defense. It appears probable that such would allow schools to balance the ideological/political atmosphere and thinking-generation within those schools---And, provide students (And others) with living examples of the sacrifices, commitment to the "common good" and self-sacrifice needed to reach the noted teaching positions.

The "Regents", "Trustees" and other like governors of all colleges/universities must emphatically demand that their schools' administrators present hard-evidence of greatly improving that intellectual-diversity---Or, be freed-up  to find some other employment.

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