Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hiring Criminals & Probability Theory

It appears that there are many (Especially the Fascist actors in the current Federal Administration) who are, more-and-more, “leaning on” private-sector employers to not reject persons with criminal conviction histories (Especially before going through other qualifications/factors), especially those as are related to the proposed job duties and, thereby, wasting the limited resources of those who invest their legally hard-earned moneys in such businesses.

It appears that those tyrants require an education in “Probability Theory” and its principles (As based on criminal justice experience and the basics of scientific methods).
  1. The accuracy of any (Probability) statements approaches 100% as more-and-more confirming examples are recorded-and-experienced Vs. those which oppose any such statement.
  2. Those who have been convicted of crimes are more likely to continue criminal behaviors (Although not necessary the same offenses) than those without such convictions.
  3. That is even more so/probable as to non-economic arsonists and sexual predators.
  4. Sexual offenders who begin such crimes in their teen years and have not stopped by age 30-years are likely to continue until death or the gross weakness of very old age.
  5. The vast supply of data demonstrates that Blacks (16 to 30 years-of-age) are very more likely to commit serious crimes than Whites and very, very, more more likely to do so than Asians.

Those who still “push” for such risky employment of others should:
A. Arrange for the hiring of sexual predators or non-economic arsonists in the day-care-centers or schools in which their children or grandchildren are enrolled OR as family-hired “baby sitters” in their own homes;
B. Hire those found guilty of embezzlement to be accountants/book-keepers/financial-officers to manage those “advocates'” own personal funds or the companies in which they have invested or in such organizations (eg Labor unions, political party units) to which they belong.

PS---In large part the above is based on my 34-years of professional work in a State “Department Of Corrections”


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