Monday, November 24, 2014

Harvard Study On Guns

Harvard study shows privately owned guns are very effective crime fighting tools

By Kevin “Coach” Collins
A little heralded Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy study holds some devastating news for those who are trying to take guns from America’s population.
Here are the facts the study found.
The overall message of the report is that nations with private gun ownership have less crime.
In the period 1991 to 2011 gun ownership rose steadily; murders by guns fell 39% and firearms related crimes dropped 69%.
The nine European countries with the fewest guns have a combined murder rate three times higher than the nine European countries with the most guns in private hands.
With rare exceptions, since 1950 mass shootings have virtually always occurred in states with restrictive gun ownership laws. Moreover despite very strict laws against private gun ownership, three of the worst recorded school shootings have happened in Europe.
Contrary to liberal lies, while America leads the world in private gun ownership, we are just 28th in gun murders per 100,000 people.  
From 1991 to 2011, America’s overall violent crime rate and our murder rate both fell by half; a remarkable feat by any measure.   
On average 200,000 American women protect themselves from sexual attacks each year using guns.
By a ratio of 80 to 1 Americans use guns for crime prevention rather than to commit murders.
During the period studied (1991 to 2011) deaths by accidental discharges of firearms fell 58%.
Much to the contrary of liberal lies the UK’s violent crime rate in 4 times higher than ours and their rape rate is 125% higher than ours. The UK also has 133% more assaults than we do. 
After plunging into extreme gun banning Australia has experienced a 19% increase in murders and an increase of 69% in armed robberies.
Despite passing increasingly more restrictive gun control laws, Chicago’s homicide rate jumped 17% last year and by many measures it’s the most deadly city in the world.
Over the 23 years, following its implementation of a law requiring each household to have a gun, Kennesaw Georgia saw its overall crime rate drop by 50% and its burglary rate fall by 89%.

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