Saturday, December 13, 2014

Weapons On Work-Sites

There are many organizations/companies which forbid the bringing of guns and other weapons into their buildings or even (Illegally/unconstitutionally?) on their open properties (eg Parking lots). This is most specially noted by the many persons entering medical facilities. In most such cases there is a “posting”, by signs at entrances, of that prohibition. With very few exceptions, that also applies to employees.

Those who establish such policies seem to have ignored the following:
  1. The best recent evidence (eg From The Centers For Disease Control) is that the armed person is much less “likely” to be murdered or maimed by a criminal than the “Nanny State Dependent” and unarmed targets of criminal attacks;
  2. The time between a “911” call and effective police action is long enough for a criminal to kill or injure many persons;
  3. There have been cases where the police did not respond to a call for help (In Madison, WI) in such cases or long delayed such responses (In Milwaukee, WI) until the victim was murdered;
  4. Unless a private organization/company has a level-of-security at/above that found at airports, requiring staff (And visitors) to disarm themselves before entering such companies or organizations may be financially liable for damages in the cases of the death-of or injuries-to such weapon-deprived persons; And,
  5. Without exact information, I suggest that there are many more deaths/injuries caused by criminal intruders than by the staffs or law-abiding visitors to such places (Further research needed!).

You might note the possession of a handgun, in violation of employer's rules, by Dr. Lee Silvermann at the Mercy Fitzgerald Wellness Center (In Pennsylvania) as allowed him to shoot-and-kill a mental patient who had just murdered a staff member---And do so before (Alleged) armed security staff and very much before police responded. [Should such an employee be subject to discipline OR honored and that by means including a change in anti-weapon policy?]

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