Friday, February 24, 2012

Obama's Declaration Of War Vs. Constitution

Mr. B. H. Obama has declared war against all who would resist his efforts to destroy the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. In addition to parallel attacks he has most clearly declared that war against all Catholics who oppose the use of tax moneys to support abortion and birth-control and do so on the basis that such is a violation of the right to the "free exercise of religion".

Many citizens, other than Catholics, have also concluded that Mr. Obama's attack against Catholic-citizens is an attack on the constitutional rights of all citizens, without regard to their religions---Or lack thereof.

Perhaps it is that Mr. Obama (Due to his education in a Muslim land and by agents of the far and very anti-religion Left) has not absorbed the lessons of History that deep (Chiefly Christian) religious faith (And not the rule-of-caliphs or that of atheist-dictators as Hitler or Mao or other tyrants) is at the heart of our freedoms.

B. H. Obama's war against the Constitution is NOT limited to the "free exercise of religion" provision of the First Amendment. He has, sometimes directly, attacked the "Fist Amendment" (aka The Second Amendment) through allowing his Attorney General to involve BATF agents as law-breaking "straw buyers" of weapons. His attacks on the "separation of powers" provisions of the Constitution are almost without number. (They should be numbered and listed in a "Bill Of Impeachment").

If, and only if, Mr. Obama is contemplating the use-of-force (Armed Federal agents OR Orders from his tame judges) to enforce his unconstitutional directives, he should remember that the victims of tyrants sometimes react as our political ancestors did in 1775. Since Mr. B. H. Obama appears to be ignorant of US history, I suggest that he consider the statement (Paraphrased) of a militia officer at Lexington: "If he wants a war, let it start here!".

For myself, I will consider all of the supporters (eg Democrat Members of the Congress, members, NOW, DNC and such as support Mr. Obama's attack equally liable for the reactions of patriots.

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