Thursday, February 09, 2012

Caucuses Are Anti-Democracy

The use, by some political parties, of "caucuses" to directly-or-indirectly select candidates for presidential nominating conventions is very much in opposition to the best, democratic, traditions of the USA! Why?
Because they exclude: Members of the Armed Forces who serve well away from their home towns; Many fire-fighters (Many of whom serve 24-hour shifts); Police officers (Many of whose actual work hours exclude caucus participation); Medical professionals who may are assigned to work during caucus hours; Over-the-road truck drivers; The old, infirm and sick who still have active minds but cannot travel to caucus locations or tolerate the conditions of such meetings; And, many others in like straits.
Although some have cited such court cases as have concluded that such caucus systems are the "property" (Within the jurisdiction) of the sponsoring political parties. However, there are other court cases which have noted that those parties must provide for the equal treatment and paticipation without regard to race. The exclusion of the above cited (And other) Ameicans is as much a violation of our best principles---If not the Constitution.

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Ari said...

Ethnic cleansing in Western Uusimaa in May 1918 and Forssa region. Some 200 Finnish civilians, men and women, were executed by the Swedish battalion in Western Uusimaa. The Swedes executed at least 460 Finns in the spring 1918.

TV and newspapers broadcast disinformation about history and all political issues. Censorship in the mainstream media makes Sweden, Finland and Norway a kind of dictatorship countries, ruled by the political and economic elite.

In the Scandinavian countries the political and economic elite controls the media.

Finnish government to ban our organization? Helsinki district court was ready to ban our organization! An official had told this threat to our chairman in a meeting in the Ministry for Internal Affairs.

A government's threat to ban a peaceful organization (because of its opinions) violates the principles of democracy.