Sunday, February 12, 2012

Non-Resistance As Sin

There are some (Pathological) pacifists who maintain to use force (Especially deadly force) to resist criminal attacks and evil persons/movements/ideologies is against the will of Jesus the Christ. That is sooooo wrong!

Most specially, where there is a criminal threat of death, failure to resist is a form of suicide which has been described as the ultimate sin as it denies hope in the saving grace of God. Such is also a most insulting rejection of the Natural Law, given to all by God to all humans, containing the right of self-defense (And, by extension, the defense of innocent others).

The Christ's concern for children (And other innocents) is well supported in the Gospels. Failure to defend such against criminal assaults appears to also be a violation of that Natural Law and, by extension, of Jesus' concern for children and the "meek".

If, and only if, there is some sin in resisting evil (Even by deadly means), then the non-suicide of resistance allows for obtaining God's forgiveness at some future time (If, and only if, such is truly required in such cases).

Of course, at the beginning of such criminal attacks it is impossible to determine if non-resistance will bring death and the threat of such is warrant enough for any level of resistance.

You might reflect on the value of resisting (By prior-and-preventive liquidation) those KKK monsters who bombed some young girls, in a Southern church building, too early out of this world. You might consider the effect of even one bullet or dagger-thrust as to stopping or, at the least, slowing down the beyond-horrible crimes of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao. Mohammed and those who they convinced-or-forced to follow them.

For myself, I will place my trust in Divine Justice (Justice, not suicidal peace being the proper center of the Will of God) and stand my Judgement (Which will come in a very few years)---And continue to resist evil by word and, if that Justice allows it to me, by affirmative deed.
Doubters may wish to consider the instructions of St. John The Baptist to the soldiers, the Christ's evaluation of the Centurion and St. Paul's support of the use of deadly force to inflict justice on evil men. Catholics may also wish to consider the advise of St. Bernard of Clairvaux (A "Doctor of the Church"), in his De Laude Novae Militae, as to the pre-conditions AND the sometimes need to "strike blows for Christ".

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