Thursday, October 06, 2011

What Divides The People Of The USA

Too many people are confused over the basis of the basic division in the USA (And much of the world. Here, I can help define the nature of many such differences. Many US citizens (And legal immigrants) have finally come to an understanding of the following points as "reliable and valid".
1. There is a difference between good and evil.
2. Compromise with evil is evil in itself .
3. There is a difference between knowledge and ignorance.
4. Compromise with ignorance is ignorant.
5. There is a difference between what can be, on a reliable and valid basis, supported by experimental (The only real) science and that which cannot be, but is too often claimed as "scientifically proven" .
6. There is a difference between the position that real science must constantly reevaluate its propositions and theories (Not equal to each other) and no scientific proposition (eg
The speed of light' Substantial human causes for climate change) is beyond question Vs. the position that science can be "settled"/
7. Without regard to its "sometimes" failures the traditional marriage of one man and one women has been clearly demonstrated, by history, as the basic-and-best unit of the nation and of civilization Vs. those who deny that traditional marriage is the hard-rock base of civilizations.
8. That spending beyond income will result in the ruination of an individual or family or a corporation or a nation Vs. that such spending, in the long run, will benefit individuals, companies and governments.
9. There are major differences between Islam and the world's monotheistic religions
as make Islam the enemy of both any democracy and civilization Vs. the position that Islam is "just another religion".
10. The public acts of Mr. B. H. Obama are contrary to the best interests of the People of the USA and far too often in violation of the Constitution and our democratically passed law Vs. the position that the elected president must do what s/he will to forward his/her understanding of the needs of the nation.
11. That the original intent of the authors of the Constitution (And its amendments) should be the primary base for any judicial decisions as that basic document has NO provisions for "evolving standards of decency" or other judicial inventions BUT does have a prescribed method of change Vs. the position that the Constitution is a living document to be changed/understood according to the conclusions of unelected, Federal, judges.
12. That pregnancies represents only "blobs of tissue" to be carried-to-term or aborted at the discretion of the mother Vs. the view that they are unborn babies, with unique genetic identities, different from the mother, and capable of feeling the pain of abortion at a very early "age".
13. That each adult citizen has an individual right to "keep and bear arms" to exercise a Natural Law right to self-defense (And duty to protect innocent others) Vs. That governments should have a monopoly on the possession of modern weapons, will be instantly available to protect all and will not use that monopoly to impose tyranny.

I could list many more of the like divisions in this nation. It will up to the People (And, hopefully, not life-term Federal judges) , through the democratic election of its representatives, chose which positions will be public policy.

I do not see any openings for compromise on the above and many other subjects as they are too basic to the future of the nation and a most basic understanding of the political, ethical and moral nature of the USA.

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