Sunday, October 30, 2011

Student Debt & U-Wisconsin Mismanagement

It appears that Mr. Obama is attempting to bribe those (Most) college students and graduates in great debt due to the costs of their university education by some, unfunded and undefined plan to "help them". Whatever the case may be in other States, the cost of a University of Wisconsin education is aggravated by the mismanagement and fraud allowed, if not encouraged, by the Administration and Regents of that school.

The real goals of UW (NOT that of self-serving administrators and senior faculty) would be better served by enacting and enforcing the following steps:
1. Eliminate all "remedial education" and related "coaching" programs within UW (With many savings in staff costs);
2. Admit to both undergraduate and graduate (eg Law and medicine) programs only the academically best qualified by, among other means, eliminating all "affirmative action" policies and programs (For more such savings);
3. Make it a matter of UW policy that quotas are to be set-and-maintained for designation as "undergraduate majors" and graduate programs in proportion to the economic demand for persons, with such degrees, in our labor market (For myself, I suggest that there may be more persons being issued degrees in Social Work, Black Studies, Women's Studies and like areas that there is any, if any, demand for by employers);
4. Reduce the number of "Assistants" and "Deputies" in all academic positions by not less than 50%, a change which will save millions-of-dollars and that without any probable harm to students.
5. Required that a set part (eg 50%) of patent-licensing-fees, copyright-payments "earned" by UW faculty and other staff while employed (And using UW facilities and staff to develop or publish) be paid into the General Fund of the State or, at the least, UW's General Fund and NOT siphoned off to some entity not under the control of the Legislature or Regents.

Most importantly, it appears (On the basis of the best information available to me) that the real need of our employers will be persons trained in manufacture-related skills by our excellent Technical Colleges (Which should take the same cost saving measures noted above)! Therefore, the Legislature and our Governor should focus more state resources (Dependent on execution of the cost savings measures noted above) on those technical college AND inform UW that it must control AND cut-back its spending as outlined above.

Also, it would be best if UW were brought back under the control of the People by the direct election of its Regents (Perhaps with two from every Congressional district).

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