Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Democracy Is "GOOFY"---Per Chief Flynn

We should all thank Milwaukee's Police Chief Flynn for enlightenment! During a recent "violence prevention" event at Marquette University he swept away all the cobwebs of ignorance and illusion and called our new concealed weapons law "GOOFY".

Until his illuminating statement I thought that the People who amended, by a considerable majority and secret ballot, our Constitution to make the keeping and bearing of arms a basic right were only acting in the traditions set down by such as President Thomas Jefferson.

Until that great revelation I was strangely confused by the three-times passage of a CCW law by our Legislature (Twice under Democrat-Party control, the first two vetoed by that party's nominal leader) was an expression of the democratic will of the People.

This "Glorious & Maximum Leader" should be crowned with the hero's laurels and like recognition.for so clearly demonstrating that democracy is "GOOFY".

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