Friday, September 02, 2011

Dealing With Neo-Nazis

Neo-Nazis who go merely about, posturing in strange uniforms (Like the "Fruit Of Islam"), should be either ignored or treated to finger-pointing and belly-bending bouts of laughter---Either tactic defeating their goal of maintaining and stirring-up what is left of inter-racial hatred in the USA (As is the tactic of the "Nation Of Islam", Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and such like critters).

Those Neo-Nazis, IF ANY, who misuse the right to keep and bear arms, attack-injure-kill their fellow citizens or support their desires-and-lusts by rape-and-robbery should be punished according to law. [If "The Law" does not effectively punish those crimes, then citizens, organized into companies of The General Militia or Committees-Of-Vigilance should do so in the effective traditions of the American People---A tactic recommended to such persons who live in "Black neighborhoods" to deal with the outlaws who dwell among them without effective actions by the police to prevent their crimes.]

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