Sunday, August 14, 2011

Effective Dealing With Rioters

The recent mob actions in Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Londonistan lead to the question of how to deal with rioters as individuals and groups. The "stuck in the 1960s" social theories and resultant actions do NOT do so.

AS INDIVIDUALS AND SMALL GROUPS: The police appear usually too few or too late OR too politically afraid to take such EFFECTIVE actions as will protect innocents from death or great bodily injury or life-destroying property damage by such individuals or small groups.

However, citizens in some places can assist the police my marking such rioters as evidence. The most effective way of doing so is by putting 0.32-inch (The size of "OO" buckshot) or 9mm or .38/.45/.30-inch holes in the bodies of such thugs.

Thereafter and when danger is past, the police can take out their little note-books and record the evidence left for them. (Please Note: A hard touch of a triangular file to the lands of a gun barrel and light touch to the tip of a firing-pin and extractor will neutralize the usual forensic evidence.)

(OH YES---The same "marking" can be utilized as to home-invaders, robbers, rapists, threatening drug dealers & gang-bangers, those followers of Mohammed who attack others who criticize them or their ideology or even include then in general photos in public places) Etc.

IN LARGE GROUPS: The proven best tactic is to have them (By their own actions or by external force) gathered together in one place (eg. A stadium as in the "Nike Riots" in Constantinople, for which see) and use it as a "surrender or die killing zone".

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