Monday, September 12, 2011

What Is True Charity?

What is "charity"? Well, it is certainly NOT the mere transfer of property from one person (Or, "class") to another----Especially when demanded and enacted by governments.

"Charity" is the love (Charitas) underlying the free-and-voluntary giving of care, physical-emotional-spiritual, to others when they need any or all of such gifts---And, includes the spirit in which such are given. All of those gifts can best be given without the receiver knowing anything about the giver except the charitas sent with the gifts.

There are times-and-places (eg The South of the Sudan) when it is NOT enough to merely give BUT to also insure that the receiver has the protection-and-peace in which to use what has been given. In such cases the gift of physical protection must be given---But, seldom is. When it is, the suffering, blood, limbs and lives of protectors are also gifts of charitas.

These protectors are given and accept the vocation to help protect Christ's sheep-and-lambs (And such occasional goats, as "pathological pacifists", specially provided by the Church) as they are willing to to show that "greater love" (See John 15:13) which was so praised by the Christ.

Those protectors are called "WARRIORS" and may be members of armed forces---Or, such citizens who are willing to make the same gift of life.

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