Sunday, July 03, 2011

Marriage, Democracy And Like Subjects

I continue to be both amazed and distressed at the too many people who will not accept the democratically expressed will of the People as to, in this case, the support of the traditional definition-of and laws-regarding "marriage". This includes Mr. B. H. Obama as to the "Defense Of Marriage Act" (DOMA), as enacted by our Congress, AND, columnist Sherry Schultz ("No liberty and justice for all in Wisconsin"; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; July 2, 2011; Page-4J) as to the direct will of the People in enacting an amendment to our Constitution defining marriage and limiting certain benefits to persons in that state. The same and democratic decision was not accepted by the minority in California where a like proposal has been appealed to some judge on the left-coast.

There are those who claim that allowing same-sex "marriages" will lead to demands that multi-partner like relationships to be allowed under law. From hardly noticeD news items, there have been such moves in other places.

If this continues, our only question may be: "WHAT IS THE AGE-OF-CONSENT FOR A SHEEP?".

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