Monday, July 18, 2011

I, Me, Myself As Racist?

Due to some of my comments about Mr. B. H. Obama, Al (The Liar)Sharpton, Jessie (The Extortionist) Jackson I have been accused of being an anti-Black racist against them. If, and only if, there was a hint of racism on my part, it would be against other blacks for the self-slavery to those persons who are "professional Blacks" making a living or sustaining their power by the ongoing stirring up of what remains of inter-racial mistrust in the USA.

Whatever remained of my youthful racism (If any) has been erased by such persons as Walter Mitchell, Professor Thomas Sowell, Congressman (Ex-soldier) Alan West and Herman Cain (Who I support in his campaign for the Presidency) who happen to be Black, but are true professionals and gentlemen.

[In the case the goat-loving Muslim who comments on my column makes his cowardly comments on this one, I remind all that: Being a Muslim is NOT a matter of race; The false prophet Mohammed called blacks "raisin heads"; And, in the classical Arabic of that critter, the same word is used for slave as for a Black person.]

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