Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dane County Courts VS Democracy

There have been, at least, two Dane County Circuit Court decisions halting the enforcement of our "collective bargaining law"---The last being by Judge Maryann Summi. More recently, another Dane County Circuit Court judge has attempted to nullify the State Constitution's provision defining marriage and forbidding allowing marriage related benefits to "other" couples.

. This again raises this question: Why do the citizens of Dane County (Especially Madison, that "X square miles surrounded by reality") have the unequal power to elect those judges who have the "first shot" at challenging the acts of our Legislature, whose members are elected from all of Wisconsin's counties, and the Administrative Rules of the Executive Branch of our government, headed by a governor elected by all the voters of this State?

Again, this appears to very much be an unequal protection of the law, one acting against the People outside of Dane County.

Again, I suggest randomly selected from all of Wisconsin's Circuit Courts, three judge panels (No two judges from the same Court Of Appeals district), to make decisions on all such challenges to State Acts. With today's teleconferences and like communications, this should not be a problem. Appeals from those panels would go, if accepted, directly to the State Supreme Court.

In fact, it is well-past-the-time when the Legislature should enforce equal rights to those citizens, outside of Dane County, as to judicial reviews of the acts of that Legislature and of our various Administrative Rule making agencies.

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