Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Dark Side Of Compromise

Mr. David M. Shribman (Executive Editor, the "Pittsburgh Post-Gazette") has touted the benefits of compromise in our national-political life ("Loss of compromise is a threat to nation"; "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel"; June 26, 2011; Page- 1J). I suspect that he has put aside his history books some years ago and has forgotten the very "dark side" of compromise.

During the formation of this nation we executed a probably necessary compromise as to counting slaves to determine States' representation in the Congress. During the 1850s the USA compromised further on the question of slavery. The results of such compromises were: A delay in the abolishing of slavery; The bloodiest war fought by the American People; And, an anti-democracy movement from "these United States" to "the United States".

In the 1930s the United Kingdom and most European nations compromised with Adolf Hitler when a firm "NO!", a few French soldiers and, perhaps, a few rifle shots would have stopped his expansion-of-power into the Saar and throughout Europe. The results of that compromise was many millions of dead and the physical-and-other exhaustion of the USA and other nations.

By "reaching out" and "dialog" the Churches, European nations and the USA are attempting to compromise with a newly resurgent Islam (Which seeks its perpetual goals by traditional means). The results are: Multiple wars in the Middle East; Asymmetrical war with Muslims throughout the world ;Weekly reports of small group or individual, military-style, Jihad everywhere; And severe threats to democracy and public safety in every jurisdiction where Muslims form more that a minute part of the local population.

Within the Congress compromise with morality and financial sanity have yielded a multi-trillion dollar debt, spending well beyond revenues, a great danger to the security of the nation as well as an ongoing roll-call of corruption and anti-democracy arrogance from the White House down to local elected officials.

Compromise with the examples of history will condemn us to repeat the most horrid lessons of history (Paraphrased from George Santayana).

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