Thursday, March 31, 2011

Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom; A Book Of Note

DURIE, Mark; THE THIRD CHOICE: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom; (Forward by Bat Ye'or);
Deror Press; ISBN 978-0-9807223-0-7.

This work presents Islam in a rational, logical, well foot-noted and dispassionate manner as leaves it free of any hint of “Islamophobia” and other forms of bias. It could and should be used as a basic text in any courses, touching on Islam, in: Anthropology; Sociology; Comparative legal systems; Political Science; History; Social Psychology.

Muslims are likely to reject and resent this work as it clearly illuminates the “disinformation” (ie Lying) used by them to hide the dark side of Islam, its founder, teachings and collective behaviors over the last 1400-plus years.

I suggest that any public figure who speaks or writes on Islam and Muslims, once notified of this work, who does so without reading it is lying-to-self and all who hear or read their offerings AND join in the basic Islamic tactic of “disinfomation”.

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