Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Words For Our Era

Every age requires or generates new words to reflect the spirit of the ear and to provide a shorthand method of expressing thoughts and concepts which would otherwise require sentences or phases ore even paragraphs to express. "Radar", "beat", "WMD", "N-word" and others are four among many thousands of such terms. Below is my offering of four ;more, which should be approved for use by your staff via your publication's "style book" and also used in the broadcast media.

obama, noun: A lie so blatant that only the mentally limited or intoxicated cannot fail to recognize it as such; But, one which most will not declare a lie for fear of being called a "racist". This should noun should now replace the less emphatic sharpton.

to muslim-speak. verb: To tell lies no less than obamas in magnitude; But, with the intent of providing military-type disinformation to excuse-or-cover the methods (eg Murder, rape and enslavement, genocide, perpetual war with unbelievers, treaty-breaking) and the goals of Islam (eg Destruction of all religions-or-ideologies other than Islam, Placement of the entire world under the rule of Muslims, Replacement all political-and-legal systems with Sharia).

islamoforia noun: The state of being on-guard against Islam; Based on the Greek word for being on-guard; To replace, for a free and armed People, the word "Islamophobia".

homoaidia noun: The normal state or reaction of most males to being confronted with the physical actions of male homosexuals; Based on the Greek word for disgust or revulsion; To normally replace the word homophobia, except where minor children are involved.


These new words can be adapted in such sentences as below.

"The obamas put forth by Iman Feisal Rauf, about the "9/11" Mosque, surely raised my
level of islamoforia!"

"The films of the Sydney, Australia's "gay pride mob" maxed-out my homoaidia!"

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