Thursday, September 09, 2010

I Will Burn Hate Literature

I am, with the intent of very publicly burning such, collecting some hate-filled books and other literature. This act may result in in some feeling that their ideology, that ideology's founder and, in some cases, ethnic background were the subject of deadly insults. However, as that literature allows or encourages or glorifies, and often commands, the use of murder, enslavement, genocide, war, the establishment of one group of people of being superior to all others, they will be burnt before as many persons and news reporters as possible!

That printed material includes, but is not limited to, such as: Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf; Other Nazi publications; Many pre-1945 Japanese government and press documents; The same for that from the misrule of Bonito Mussolini; The terrible edicts of J. Stalin and Pravda press releases and Mao's writings.

What did you think I would be burning? Did I miss some such hate-filled book?

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