Friday, September 10, 2010

The Koran: A "Holy Book"?

Some years ago I forced myself to read a book (And its related documents) which had hatred of Jews as a core idea, glorified war, expressed a general hatred of those who disagreed with the author and led to a great war and gross acts of genocide. That book was A. Hitler's "Mein Kampf".

More recently I read a like book (And associated documents) which has much the same theme, has resulted in a 1400-year history of aggressive wars and many acts of genocide to this day in such places as the Sudan. That book is the Koran.

Now, is the "Koran" a "holy book"?????


NC Sue said...

Is it holy to me? Certainly not. But that doesn't mean we should disrespect what others consider to be holy. We don't need to believe it. We don't need to read it. We don't need to like it. But I would be deeply offended if a Muslim burned my Bible and can understand Muslims being deeply offended by the plans this pastor had made (and apparently later changed) to burn something they held dear.

James Pawlak said...

Gee! Loyal Nazis felt the same about the like "Mein Kampf", a pagan "holy book".

Rather than burn them but convert them to TP>

Anonymous said...

to nc sue /The quran is a book of hate,, and you should read it just to see for yourself before you give them the benifit of think that muslims are like us. burn the book