Sunday, April 12, 2009

'Tis Justice Ginsburg Who Does Not Understand

In her very recent comments at Ohio State University Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg noted her failure to understand the many objections to citing foreign judges in the interpretation of our laws and, yes, the Constitution of the USA.

What Justice Ginsburg fails to understand and has rejected is that there is such a thing as "American exceptionalism" (Why else would so many people, legally and illegally, risk life and their family connections to flee to the USA?) AND that the differences which made this nation great and hold some remaining like hope for the future is based on the letter of the Constitution and the intent of its authors and that of its Amendments.

Foreign Law is directed towards a socialist collective view of society where individual rights towards political freedom, freedom of (NOT "from") religion, free speech, life itself must all be subjected to the collective will---Of overbearing bureaucrats

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