Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ideal Affirmative Action Candidate

This is a "Can You Top This" application to comments made by Mr. Mark Steyn on the Macleans magazine-online (Canada)in his April 2, 2009 "Knock-knock. It's The Gag Police".

In the USA the ideal candidate for any "affirmative action job", under the Obama administration, is a Black, Lesbian, single-amputee, Spanish-surnamed, dishonorably discharged military veteran, dope-smoking, ex-convict still on parole, Muslim convert with a semi-faked birth certificate from the State of Hawaii.

(For those of you under 65-years of youth, "Can You Top This" was a radio show on which well known comics would take a common theme and try to out do each other with jokes---Many of which would be "politically incorrect" now.)

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