Saturday, April 04, 2009

Admiring Today's Europe---NOT

B. H. Obama appears to feel that Americans think lightly, at best, of Europe and might be even considered arrogant towards and derisive of that sub-continent and its culture.

I could not disagree more! Americans admire Europe--The Europe that was. That is, the Europe which that was the source of our freedoms (Especially the UK), intellectual and academic systems (Especially Germany and France) AND of democracy itself..

Too many Europeans have long ago thrown away these sources and foundations (Especially those soundly built on the Christian Churches) for socialist "feel-goodness" and the "nanny state".. Those Europeans of today are unwilling to remember, cherish and protect their once world leading culture. They are now in the process of surrendering it to Islamists and turning their nations into a collective Euroarabia with Londonistan as its capitol.

American has an earned right to be arrogant, a realistic evaluation of its own worth.

The USA is the goal, even in these economically bad times, for those who are seeking economic and political freedom and the right to be better than the others left behind to stew in their own socialistic and cultural dead-ends. In the UK, there is a shortage of physicians as many have fled that more-and-more tyrannical and incompetent nation for the USA and such other English speaking nations that still maintain some shadows of opportunity for those who wish to succeed and be free.

America has a right to be arrogant in its academic excellence (Even as it rots out by the disease of "political correctness") where domestic and foreign-born scholars win so many Nobel Prizes and draw so many students from so many nations.

It has a right to be arrogant in the ability and ethics (In spite of what the New York Times and other John Paul Goebbels style "journalists" put out) of our Armed Forces---Who have twice rescued Europe from tyrants. There has never been a military so able and willing to punish those who violate the Laws Of War.

American has a right to be arrogant in its tolerence (Until last January) for such differing religious and political views as would (And have) yielded bloody civil wars, dictatorships and genocides.

As part of his rights as a presumed American citizen, Mr. B. H. Obama has the right to give up his citizenship and become a citizen of some European nation---Or of Kenya or Indonesia. Perhaps he would feel more at home there and would certainly be less destructive of the American traditions of effort and earned success.

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