Sunday, January 04, 2009

What Is Islam? A Medical Model!

What is Islam? This question has been in my mind for many of my 70-years, especially since "9/11".

In my childhood Islam and Muslims were something far away and represented by unusual or strange clothing, language and customs. In my youth, Islam appeared to be another monotheistic religion which joined with Judaism and Christianity in worshiping One God; But, with many beliefs strange and outside many Christian concepts.(Later those differences were well explained to me by G. K Chesterton who declared that Islam was a Christian heresy, the only one grown outside of the Roman Empire, and based on Mohammed's misinterpretation of Jewish and Christian teachings AND his self-serving selection of those which served his personal needs.)

Since "9/11" my intense readings as to the history and teachings of Islam led me to the temporary conclusion that Islam is (In its essential and unchangeable nature, principles, teachings and practices) a 1400-year old criminal-terrorist movement which allows or encourages, if not commands, the use of murder, enslavement, rape, genocide, revenge and perpetual war with "unbelievers" to further its goals and the apparently sex and power cravings of its adult male members. (The overlay of religion being no more of importance than the same for the Mafia or Chinese Triads.)

In these latter days I tend to view Islam as a pathology or disease or cancer which has (Literally) plagued humanity since it erupted (Like a septic boil) out of Arabia. The medical model fits as Islam will grow at a cancerous rate and is relevant only to its own feeding and other needs and not that of humanity (The body it contaminates)--Unless it is slowed down or locally destroyed by the political equals of such cancer treatments as radiation, surgery and chemotherapy (Think bullets, bayonets/swords and napalm).

The metastasis of Islam, like cancer, spreads that disease by planting its cells in otherwise healthy organisms; BUT, is more likely to grow (And bring pain and terror) in those bodies-politic as are weakened by secular-humanism and the emasculation of properly militant Christianity. Sweden, France, Denmark and other nations have discovered the deadly threat of such corrupt and corrupting growths. The Labour government and too many Anglican bishops of the UK are "falling over their own feet" towards self-subjugation to Islam. Spain and the Holy See are very far down the paths to such self-destruction. I fear that the "political correctness" disease endemic to the USA will allow the further spread of this ant-civilization disorder in that, my homeland.

This medical model is superior to the philosophical or social models as "talk" or "talk therapy" does not, never has and will never have any effect in reducing the damages caused by Islam or its infection-like growth. This is a fact that those in the Holy See, too many other Christian leaders and most government officials do not or will not recognize.

The only hope for a health and Islamic-cancer free humanity is the installment of some oil-free and massive power system (eg Nuclear fission) as will allow the crushing of any Muslims who follow, by deeds, the above noted and hate-filled teachings of Mohammed.

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